corrugated cardboard rolloff cable reel

the xfach folding coil for the shipment of rubber seals, hoses, cords, etc.

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ds smith packaging deutschland stiftung & co. kg
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andrea wyczysk
marketing communication coordinator at ds smith

the rolloff cable reel for multiple use is an innovative construction that is used for foam cords, cables etc. it can easily be laid flat and put up again. additionally, the product offers logistical advantages. as it is a one part unit, all parts remain connected when laid flat. this effectively prevents a loss of component parts during return transport.the ecofriendly singlematerial solution made of 100 percent corrugated board works through smart buckles and works without any gluing.the folding coil named as xfach, made by ds smith packaging deutschland stiftung & co. kg for equisa ag.for more such innovations visit  httpwww.packagingconnections.cominterpackinnovations  

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