consumer convenient marinade bag

the pouch is designed for consumers who like fresh meat marinated in an organic marinade.

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ampac flexibles gmbh
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joachim antz
managing director of ampac germany

ampac flexibles´s marinade pouch is an innovative, single serve, consumer convenient , 3sided seal pouch, with a special zipper solution, in the format 200 x 300mm.the pouch is designed for consumers who like fresh meat marinated in an organic marinade. the unique design comes prefilled with marinade and is designed for the consumer to add protein and marinate right in the pouch prior to cooking, different than other marinades in the market that require a bowl or pan for marinating.the consumer can simply place the meat of their choice into the marinade pouch which contains 200ml of sauce and can marinate up to 1kg of fresh meat within 30 minutes. this pack makes a potentially messy process simple yet highly effective in almost any location.the way it folds into a format for a pos carton is highly creative and it is superconvenient and easy to use, with plenty of room for instructions and marketing information too. this pack is beautifully designed and made, reflecting its quality and clever functionality.the front side of the pouch is a threelayer laminate with aluminium foil in the middle and flexoreverseprinted. the transparent material on the back is a twolayer laminate, flexoreverseprinted with a highbarrier.the zipper has a membrane with a predetermined breaking point which protects the recloseprofile of the zipper from the product until opening. it has a shelf life of 12 months and is not subject to any cold chain requirements. ampac flexibles´ develop this pouch for client jans.for more such innovations visit 

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