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Component Of Love

Component of lovethe concept behind the development of this pack is to provide an attractive aesthetic displaypackage to the product so that it could sell off itself. The package primarily targets the youth toencourage them for the use of condoms and at the very same time make them aware of theimportance of the safe sex. The pack has the tagline of no balloons so no party which clearlyindicates the use of the condoms for safer sex.the package supports 3 condoms of different flavours in all and as the consumers starts usingthe condoms and proceed towards the final one he eventually reveals the tag line and faces themessage printed on the condom holder card i.e. No balloons so no party. To make the packagemore attractive vibrant colour scheme has been used which depicts love. Circular displaywindows are used in addition to triangular shape of the packet to make the product look more andmore of eye catchy and tempt the consumer to go for it.submitted byabhishek