clean lock cap

clear locked flip top cap for squeezable bottles

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.global closure system
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executive sales

&bullunilever&rsquos hellman&rsquos brand has recently been introduced with a new clean lock cap.   &bullthis eponymous white cap seemed to act like a magnet for residual ketchup to form and was probably the messiest piece of packaging on earth.  &bullmaking it easier to balance the bottle on kitchen and bbq garden tables.  &bullthe bottle itself has a smooth shape which allows for larger, more prominent hellmann&rsquos label branding, a move which also makes it easier for the shopper to find on shelf among a sea of ketchup brands.  &bullthis clean lock cap is the best table sauce packaging innovation since the bottle was turned upside down where gravity and squeezing combined to significantly improve access to the product inside .   

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