bottle within a bottle

package features a small bottle inside a larger bottle.

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greiner packaging gmbh
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peter hackl
sales director

the uboot package features a small bottle inside a larger bottle.this concept lets consumers create a mixed drink&mdashspecifically, a uboat cocktail&mdashby simply opening the package.the design incorporates two bottles, the package has only one screw cap closure.both bottles are sealed with the same cap which, when unscrewed, detaches the smaller inner bottle &ndash the &lsquouboat&rsquo &ndash from the seal the uboat then sinks into the bigger outer the smaller bottle descends, the two liquids mix. the larger bottle holds 140 milliliters of soft drink, and the smaller one holds 30 milliliters of spirits.both bottles are injection stretch blow molded from pet with hdpe seal.the neck finishes on both bottles are the key to the package design.the larger bottle has a threaded neck finish, to accommodate the screw cap. but the smaller bottle is molded with a snapon neck finish.small &ldquowings&rdquo molded onto the neck of the smaller bottle allow it to be mounted within the larger bottle&rsquos neck.the smaller bottle remains suspended until the consumer unscrews the cap. the small bottle resists the torqueing until its snapon neck finish disengages from the larger bottle.the shot then drops into the soft drink, and the smaller bottle&rsquos neck wings expand, making the smaller container too wide to traverse the larger bottle&rsquos other words, the small bottle is trapped inside the larger one it can&rsquot fall out, not even when the consumer tips the package to drink the cocktail.the bottom portion of the outer bottle is screen printed with brand graphics that complement the color of the liquor in the small bottle.the top of the package is clear, to display the suspended inner bottle.the seal is printed with pad printing. german company uboot getränke introduces the classic uboat with the help of greiner packaging.for more such innovations visit httpwww.packagingconnections.cominterpackinnovations

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