BelGioioso resealable provolone package

improved resealable packaging as compared to Bemis’ SmartTack EZ Peel Reseal technology.

Company Name: 
Bemis Corporate
Contact Person: 
Jill Hanegraaf
Director of Marketing Communications
  • BelGioioso Cheese’s new mild provolone package transforms resealable packaging.
  • Incorporating a sustainable, thin flexible forming film, this package provides consumer convenience by allowing the user to easily peel and reseal the package 20 times or more with Bemis’ SmartTack™ EZ Peel Reseal technology.
  • Perforation between the two compartments allows the consumer to easily separate without using a knife or scissors.
  • The individual cheese compartments are sealed separately, preserving the freshness of the unused portion until opening and reducing food waste.

For more information visit:

920 5277440

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