Ball Shap Thermoformed Yogurt Packaging

Open-mold thermoforming technology can help you to reduce cost of your packaging.

Company Name: 
IMA Dairy & Food Group USA

Normal thermoformed container needs straight wall or tapered wall to get out production mold, i.e. not possible in case of ball shaped container to get unique shape container for better shelf appeal. Open-mold thermoforming technology can help you to form custom shaped containers for dairy and other usage. Senagral designed its unique-to-brand yogurt pot with Alpla. Senagral’s requirements for the thermoforming technology were that it reduce the cost of their packaging, while creating exactly the same cup shape as they had and the same top-load resistance, with an output speed of 36,000 cups an hour. The cup being produced—the ball cup—is a 125-g, translucent polystyrene yogurt container with a 69-mm dia, a height of 52 mm, and an opening diameter of 53 mm. Open Mold technology relies on molds divided into two halves that open to release the cup. A cutting station is integrated into the forming station to separate the cups. After forming, pushers push the cups through the film web onto a conveyor that leads to the storage bins.

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