automotive bulk glass shipper

an innovative bulk glass transit packaging solution for automotive industry.

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ds smith
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helen wiggins
sales & marketing assistant

the automotive bulk glass shipper designed for jaguar land rover allows easy access for both filling and decanting.the package features a drop down front and an outer sleeve that can be detached and repositioned as required, ensuring maximum supply cycle efficiency.wood, recycled foam and export quality corrugated board, combine to maximise product protection and supply chain efficiency, coupled with ease of recycling.the main environmental impact has been designing a system using 50 less packaging than the previous solution and twice as much product packed into the same space.the outer castellated base stitched to the pallet to minimise dynamic distortion through a long supply chain with high temperature and humidity ranges.supplied as assembled solution, it improves operational efficiency in the car plant.for more innovations visit httpwww.packagingconnections.cominterpackinnovations 

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