asymmetric holographic carton

carton use prism shape to look same as the primary packaging.

Company Name: 
carl edelmann gmbh
Contact Person: 
thomas ruoff
sales director

the carton features asymmetric shape, print quality and use of holographics .it reflect the shape of the bottle and provide maximum focus and dynamics by using the colour that match the colour of the bottle.the outer package uses prism shape, the same corners, angles and proportions same as the primary packaging.the detailed fit of the carton with the bottle provides optimal product protection.the special design also means flat delivery and automatic erecting and filling of the cartons.this combination of shape, print and finish came together to produce an exceptional carton which they felt would have excellent stand out on the shelf in a sector that was very competitive.the package is manufactured by carl edelmann gmbh by using ensocoat 2s casrdboard from stora enso.

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