amcors stayclean

stayclean flexible overwrap contains no components that might transfer to the product.

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amcor flexibles
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abbie ansburg
marketing communications manager

amcor&rsquos stayclean primary packaging overwrap minimizes material components that could transfer causing an undesirable product&ndashpackaging interaction. it was designed to achieve two requirements engineered into one material. it is contaminantfree packaging produced using greatly restricted options for both materials and processes. despite those restrictions, the packaging&39s sealant layer is compatible with rapid filling speeds, providing an overwrap that is both clean and efficient.the advantage include exceptionally clean, highbarrier structure which prevents migration of gases and vapors into and out of product to curb degradation, contamination of product by leachables and extractables from primary packaging, migration of solvents and other adhesiverelated material into product content. lower tack temperatures increase throughputline speed resulting in greater efficiency and energy savings. it provides excellent seal integrity for highly sensitive drugs. it is applicable to primary packaging overwrap for bfsblowfillseal applications of pharmaceutical products such as single or multicount pack of bfs vial, inhalation solutions nebulized solutions or suspensions, ophthalmic products eye drops and gels, topical or orally dispensed material gel, cream, ointment, or aqueous liquid. 

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