alpet es eco sprayer eliminate refilling

packaging for disinfectant featuring cartridge pouch which eliminate refilling.

Company Name: 
pacplus co. ltd
Contact Person: 
kajio nagisa

&39alpet es&39 eco sprayer is a trigger spray system for professional germ elimination.this pack features a unique cartridge pouch with a connector. users do not need to refill, but instead just screw the spray head to connectdisconnect the cartridge easily, safely and hygienically.disinfectant is airlessly filled in the cartridge with the help of this contents can be pumped out to the very last drop and the pouch becomes flattened.the compact cartridge uses less material, thus reduces co2 emission after disposal.the company claims that this system enables users to spray at all angles. special laminated film is used for the pouch to be tolerant enough against alcohol disinfectant.for more innovations visit 

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