adjustable and lockable dispenser

innovative closure for automotive products.

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global closure systems
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claire davaine

the closure is designed to make it easier for consumers to pour liquids from automotive product containers. automotive product containers are traditionally difficult to handle during pouring and this often leads to glugging, spills, and splashes.this closure overcomes these problems due to several innovative design features.this closure features a pouring spout which can be rotated to allow the container to be used in the most convenient position, making it simple to use in confined spaces like the engine compartment of a efficient antiglug system, integrated flow regulator and splashguard device ensure a constant, accurate flow of product and clean pouring without any spillage.the fliptop pourer opens and closes with an audible click and has a patented locking device to prevent any leakage during storage or transportation.for product security, the fliptop has a tamperevident tearoff strip while the polypropylene screwon base incorporates a tamperevident band on the neck of the container. the base has also a locking tab that engages with a lug on the container to prevent its removal.gcs developed this dispenser for french retail giant by modify its jeroboam snaphinge standard dispensing closure.for more such innovations visit  httpwww.packagingconnections.cominterpackinnovations

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