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Absolut Announces Trial Of Prototype Paper Bottles for Spirit Packaging

The race to market for paper bottles is coming closer to the finish line as The Absolut Company has announced that it will roll out 2,000 bottles in the UK and Sweden as part of a trial for the new packaging design.

The latest iteration of the paper bottle is not entirely plastic-free, however, and is composed of 43% plastic, all of which is recycled and recyclable. This phase is the first planned market test, which will be followed by another trial next year based on feedback from consumers. While still containing plastic, the pace of Paper Bottle Company’s development is promising, as the firm only came into existence just last year.

According to Absolut, the plastic forms a barrier that protects the contents, and facilities capable of separating and processing the materials for the new bottle are already in place (though good luck finding something like that in the US).

Paboco isn’t the only one looking to develop paper bottles designed as alternatives to conventional glass and plastic vessels, as another partnership that includes Diageo, PepsiCo, and Unilever called Pulpex have announced that its plastic-free spirits bottle will debut in early 2021.

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