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  • Easyergonomics Experts Pack

    Easyergonomics experts, has been launched on the european market in an appealing, youthorientated packaging style designed by burgopak germany. Targeted towards children and adolescents
  • Unique Rfid Label Solution For Brand Protection

    Unique rho label solution for brand protection. A highend label with many ibtegrated functions such as brand protection with rho, tamper evidence, copy protection
  • Joint Approach Towards An Innovative Sustainable Packaging Solution

    Innovia Films And Sappi Fine Paper Europe Have Joined Forces To Demonstrate Potential Laminate Structures, Using Their Respective Products, Suitable For End Users In The Food, Confectionery And Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Electronic Labels

    Innovia films ltd, a leading global manufacturer of speciality films, and pragmatic printing ltd, the pioneer in imprinted logic circuits, has announced the successful integration of printed electronic functionality onto innovia films biaxially oriented polypropylene bopp label substrates.
  • Activ Film

    Activfilms offer the ability to address a wide variety of product stability needs in ways that are invisible to the consumer and more efficient for the manufacturer.
  • Barcode Label With Hologram

    New Version Of Barcode Label Ie, Barcode Label With Hi Security Hologram Stickers
  • Hang Tab

    Doit slot hang tabs are ideal for both single or doublewire peg hooks deltashaped holes selfcenter and euro style and saturnshaped holes load easily.
  • Sports Cap For Aseptic Filling

    Sports caps are solutions for onthego consumption, when people travel or make sports and want to have a quickclose option.
  • Reusable Layer Pads For Beverage And Food Containers

    Cartonplast offers a worldwideproven system for the safe, efficient and costeffective handling, transport and storage of glass, metal and plastic containers. Cartonplast leaders in the field of reusable layerpads for beverage and food containers.
  • Blossom Dream For Premium Spirits

    A lot of premium spirits have a packaging design that consists of two elements the sleeve or the label on the bottle and the cardboard box surrounding it.
  • Tap To Pour Beer

    Beer drinkers everywhere have a new hand gesture the draftking gesture. Now everyone can enjoy the fresh taste of their favorite beer brand, whenever and wherever, like its just been poured in the pub.
  • Weight Reduced Closures For Edible Oil Pet Bottles

    In large parts of the edible oil industry, the standard 2921 neck weighting 2.74 g is used for 1 litre pet bottles. This neck size was developed at a time when plastic closures were meant to fit both glass bottles and pet bottles.
  • Safe Transportation Starts With The Label

    Glass containers filled with pharmaceuticals require particularly complex packaging to ensure that they arrive at the customers location in tact.
  • Econewpack Eco Friendly, Low Cost And Retail Ready Corrugated Packaging

    Inawa presents its econewpack range of overwrapping packaging bringinghigh cost savings thanks to a reduction of raw material waste at each production stepmore ecologic up to 55 cardboard in less than a rsc e.g.ergonomic conventional style andor retail ready packaging rrpsrp with a clever packagi
  • Slide & Click Cap

    Unique & contemporary shape, innovative slide & click cap no piercing of dispensing holes improved operation efficiency. Temper evident feature.
  • Pulltab Opening

    Ez zip recloseable pouches feature a unique pulltab opening that allows consumers to pull away a thin tear strip on the front of a pouch to access the recloseable zipper.
  • Wine Star Display

    Winestar is a new display development in which wine bottles are presented separately in a premium way.
  • Closure For Pet Beer Bottles

                   Beer as an oxygen sensitive product challenges the pet bottle and the closure with respect to oxygen transmission.
  • Slitter Rewinder Roboslit With Dual Turret Rewinds

    Feature Packed, Highly Mechanized And High Output Slitter Rewinder With Dual Turret Rewinds
  • Whisky Bottle With Handle For Easy Pouring

    Indio spirits, which marketed snake river stampede whisky in a 750ml bottle, anticipated demand for their product in 1.75liter bottle. However, they could not find a bottle with an appearance that had a family resemblance to its existing snake river stampede whisky bottle.
  • Magic Corner Boxes

    The innovative packaging solution magic corner contains an ingenious lever mechanism which automatically creates stability corners when the front tabs are closed.
  • Mocons Multicheck

    Mocons multicheck 300 provides an allinone package integrity test system that performs virtually all accepted test methods for measuring oxygen, seal strength and leaks .
  • Desiccantcanisters

    Desiccant canisters are used in specialized packaging operations of pharmaceutical industries. All materials comply with fda cfr 21. Canister range of sizes easily accommodates most size bottles. Cylindrical shape is ideal for automatic highspeed insertion.
  • Auto Dispensing Container With Measuring Cup

    After filling contents into the container and screwing it with the cap to ensure that it is air tight we use a specially designed pressure sealed wad. During time of dispensing the content inside bottle.
  • Ldpe Bags

    Ldpe bags are made from virgin polyethylene, and is usfda approved. Is a dmf holder. Antistatic properties prevents powder from sticking to the bag while emptying the content. Noncorrosive and amine free. Low watervapor transmission rate, resistant to most chemicals.