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  • Pulltab Opening

    Ez zip recloseable pouches feature a unique pulltab opening that allows consumers to pull away a thin tear strip on the front of a pouch to access the recloseable zipper.
  • Wine Star Display

    Winestar is a new display development in which wine bottles are presented separately in a premium way.
  • Closure For Pet Beer Bottles

                   Beer as an oxygen sensitive product challenges the pet bottle and the closure with respect to oxygen transmission.
  • Slitter Rewinder Roboslit With Dual Turret Rewinds

    Feature Packed, Highly Mechanized And High Output Slitter Rewinder With Dual Turret Rewinds
  • Whisky Bottle With Handle For Easy Pouring

    Indio spirits, which marketed snake river stampede whisky in a 750ml bottle, anticipated demand for their product in 1.75liter bottle. However, they could not find a bottle with an appearance that had a family resemblance to its existing snake river stampede whisky bottle.
  • Magic Corner Boxes

    The innovative packaging solution magic corner contains an ingenious lever mechanism which automatically creates stability corners when the front tabs are closed.
  • Mocons Multicheck

    Mocons multicheck 300 provides an allinone package integrity test system that performs virtually all accepted test methods for measuring oxygen, seal strength and leaks .
  • Desiccantcanisters

    Desiccant canisters are used in specialized packaging operations of pharmaceutical industries. All materials comply with fda cfr 21. Canister range of sizes easily accommodates most size bottles. Cylindrical shape is ideal for automatic highspeed insertion.
  • Auto Dispensing Container With Measuring Cup

    After filling contents into the container and screwing it with the cap to ensure that it is air tight we use a specially designed pressure sealed wad. During time of dispensing the content inside bottle.
  • Ldpe Bags

    Ldpe bags are made from virgin polyethylene, and is usfda approved. Is a dmf holder. Antistatic properties prevents powder from sticking to the bag while emptying the content. Noncorrosive and amine free. Low watervapor transmission rate, resistant to most chemicals.
  • Vials With Inbuilt Desiccant

    Is an innovation in solid dosage packaging. The vial comes with the desiccant built in its walls. They are usfda approved and has a dmf number. Flip top opening makes it easy to be operated by single hand. Compression spring avoids rattling affect.
  • Plastic Containers For Paints

    Silent filling, easy stacking and userfriendliness. These are some of the many advantages that paintainer has to offer, making it the ideal packaging solution for paint. The stacking facility of paintainer is optimized to make warehouse management and transport even more efficient.
  • Corrugated Box For Hybrid Car Battery

    Transport packaging of the car battery achieves great improvement of wrapping work efficiency. The box dramatically improves work efficiency by requiring only one worker on the packing line instead of two and shortening packing time from three minutes to one minute.
  • Tubes With Braile Effects

    Laminate tubes represent a more recent product for the company. Their finer material structure makes them highly suitable for packing, particularly for cosmetic products or products containing more volatile substances.
  • Ecofriendly Packaging Of Led Diodes

    This pack is returnable innerlogistic, transportation industrial packaging and it has not got marketing function, so the system is very cost effective.
  • Gift Packaging

    A bottle of highpremium champagne is packed into a special folding carton produced for a hungarian customer.
  • New Aluminium Grill Inserts In The Tray

    Vistopac was originally designed for cold food like the traditional danish smrrebrd. Now there is also a perforated aluminium tray as insert so the package has got a new application and can be used for barbeque.
  • Slide Box For Gift Cards

    Debenhams have launched a new design for their branded gift card boxes. The elegant new packs have been brought in to accentuate the debenhams brand ethos of offering design in every department by providing customers with a slick and fun way to present their gift cards.
  • Biaxially Oriented Plamontmorillonitenanocomposite For Barrier Film Applications

    As the global packaging market is huge, there is a welldefined call for sustainable solutions as packaging materials.
  • Splitit Trays

    The splitit product consists of a board skillet which can be lined at the point of packing with a thin film. This forms the sealing flange, providing an air tight seal.
  • Brightside Pack

    Bosch packaging systems, a bosch packaging technology company, has developed the innovative new brightside pack style for easy opening and reclosing of flow wrap applications.
  • Two Component Tube

    A twocomponent clube closuretube custom designed for loral will be revealed at the package manufacturers booth at interpack.
  • Flexible Packaging Closure For Pouches

    An innovative flexible packaging closure for pouches and flatpacks that minimizes the use of plastic yet is more consumer friendly in use. Rigid lens ii is a unique flexible packaging closure that alleviates the need for using molded fitments for package access and closure.
  • Lowmigration Ink Systems

    Sunpak fsp is a sheetfed offset ink system that meets safety requirements for food packaging, while suncure qlm is a uvcurable printing ink range, suitable for cartonboard, flexible packaging and nonabsorbent substrates intended for outer wrap food packaging.
  • Medical Device Wallet Pack

    Compared to a more traditional thermoform package, the new pack uses less energy to produce and transport, offers customization, and takes up minimal space.