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  • Gift Packaging

    A bottle of highpremium champagne is packed into a special folding carton produced for a hungarian customer.
  • New Aluminium Grill Inserts In The Tray

    Vistopac was originally designed for cold food like the traditional danish smrrebrd. Now there is also a perforated aluminium tray as insert so the package has got a new application and can be used for barbeque.
  • Slide Box For Gift Cards

    Debenhams have launched a new design for their branded gift card boxes. The elegant new packs have been brought in to accentuate the debenhams brand ethos of offering design in every department by providing customers with a slick and fun way to present their gift cards.
  • Biaxially Oriented Plamontmorillonitenanocomposite For Barrier Film Applications

    As the global packaging market is huge, there is a welldefined call for sustainable solutions as packaging materials.
  • Splitit Trays

    The splitit product consists of a board skillet which can be lined at the point of packing with a thin film. This forms the sealing flange, providing an air tight seal.
  • Brightside Pack

    Bosch packaging systems, a bosch packaging technology company, has developed the innovative new brightside pack style for easy opening and reclosing of flow wrap applications.
  • Two Component Tube

    A twocomponent clube closuretube custom designed for loral will be revealed at the package manufacturers booth at interpack.
  • Flexible Packaging Closure For Pouches

    An innovative flexible packaging closure for pouches and flatpacks that minimizes the use of plastic yet is more consumer friendly in use. Rigid lens ii is a unique flexible packaging closure that alleviates the need for using molded fitments for package access and closure.
  • Lowmigration Ink Systems

    Sunpak fsp is a sheetfed offset ink system that meets safety requirements for food packaging, while suncure qlm is a uvcurable printing ink range, suitable for cartonboard, flexible packaging and nonabsorbent substrates intended for outer wrap food packaging.
  • Medical Device Wallet Pack

    Compared to a more traditional thermoform package, the new pack uses less energy to produce and transport, offers customization, and takes up minimal space.
  • Dispensing Systems

    Afa Is A World Leader In Technologically Advanced Liquid Dispensing Systems Has Introduced An Exciting New Advances In Aerosol Replacement With The Debut Of Packaging And Dispensing Applications Based On Its Revolutionary Flair Technology
  • Pouch With Spout Packaging First Time For Energy Drink In India

    Tzinga energy drink in a pouch with spout packaging is first of its kind in india. 
  • Latest Generation Cement Packaging

    Ad protex block bottom welded woven bags are the latest generation packaging solution for cement, fertilizers, chemicals, sugar and lot of other applications. The bags are already very successful in the indian cement industry with a huge number of bags being imported in india.
  • Biodegradable Toothpaste Tube

    Swedish toothpaste maker allveggie selects bioplastic packaging for its naturalingredient toothpaste to send a signal about its sustainability.
  • Clear Impact Shrink Film

    For application that require a strong shrinkage force for example in copacking this film makes an ideal choice. The film is engineered for bestinclass performance with high impact properties.
  • Bopp Label Films Reduce Pack Weight And Waste

    Innovia films, the world leading, innovative producer of speciality bopp and cellulose substrates for a variety of labelling techniques, has launched a new range of films suitable for linerless label applications, rayoface nb.
  • breathable protective film for blister covers

    resealable, dirtrepellant, airpermeable intelligent protective films often have to perform several functions at once. schreiner protech has developed a special solution for a renowned biotech company.
  • Packaging For Id Cards

    The new holographic citizencard has been presented onto the market this month in a smart and compact slider pack, designed by burgopak.
  • Tamper Evident Closure For Carbonics

    Baranguasystems. New tamper proofing closures.breakcap stopper patent. A new, tamperevident system for threaded plastic closures, adapted to pet containers.
  • Eco Series Bottle For Wine

    Eco series wine bottles give wineries the opportunity to see extra green in their environmental efforts and on their bottom lines.
  • Label Solution For Safe Use Of Autoinjectors

    The use of autoinjectors or pens for drug delivery is becoming increasingly common. They are primarily used in the area of selfmedication, for instance by diabetics who inject insulin. Specialty labels by schreiner medipharm help increase patient safety and user comfort of these systems.
  • Hot Slip Film

    When hispeed productivity of regular shaped packs like books, cartons or cds is demanded this multilayerfilm turbocharged with hot slip additive delivers the best results.
  • Sleek Slider Pack

    The formula one 2010 global broadcast report has been packaged by burgopak in a sleek slider pack. Published digitally on cd, the report is distributed annually to formula one teams, global partners and broadcasters.
  • Antifog Polyolefin Film

    Hals this grade of film offers a unique antifog agent that prevents film fogging up under cold storage conditions. This makes it an ideal choice for packaged cold foods, fruits and vegetables. The fog free appearance of the pack under cold storage ensures best possible retail presentation..
  • Hot Dot Packaging

    The hot dot is a unique heat sensitive sticker placed on the pizza hut delivery phd box and reads hot if the pizza is delivered hot. If the dot does not read hot and turns black, then the order is delivered for free