Yaza chooses Greiner Packaging’s sustainable K3® cup for its breakthrough Labneh range

Offering many nutritional benefits, labneh is typically found in Mediterranean diets and is made from fresh milk that is strained until it forms a smooth consistency perfect for dipping and spreading. Yaza Labneh is all-natural, low-fat, high in protein, probiotic-rich and contains no preservatives or added sugars. Labnehs versatile flavor makes it the perfect healthy substitute for cream cheese,

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Vetroplas launches aluminium and foamer combination

The aim was to produce a flush fitting pack with a 43mm foam pump, creating a streamlined profile which will be marketed as 50 43FOAM.Offered in addition to the 66 43FOAM (66mm neck) Vetroplas can now provide aluminium bottles with a choice of neck and a range of sizes between 125ml and 750ml.Foam pumps enable optimum dispensing of creamy, rich and propellant free formulations, making them suitabl

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Kia Incorporates Ocean Plastics in Electric Vehicles

Kia plans to use recycled plastic from a 55-tonne haul of ocean plastics recently reclaimed from the Pacific Ocean in its new EV models. The record-breaking amount of plastic reclaimed by Kia's global partner, The Ocean Cleanup, marks the next phase in a seven-year global partnership agreed in April 2022.The Ocean Cleanup, an international non-profit project with the mission of ridding the oceans

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Zircon chooses Vetaphone for its narrow web presses

One of Indias leading label and packaging converters, Zircon Technologies, is installing an Omet Varyflex 670 press fitted with a Vetaphone corona treater at its production facility in Dehradun, some 250km north of New Delhi in the State of Uttaranchal, close to the border with Tibet.  The company already has Vetaphone corona technology on its existing two Omet and seven Mark Andy presses.Est

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Are You Counting the Cost of Corrosion?

The global cost of corrosion was an estimated $2.5 trillion USD in 2016, according to a study published by NACE International. Allowing for inflation, that number could easily surpass $3 trillion USD today. Unfortunately, many are not aware of the high price tag of corrosion even for individual businesses and corporations. Cortec Corporation therefore encourages manufacturers, maintenance managers

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Performance at the Highest Level: the new NewV set UEL 5000

Dear ladies and genlemen,hubergroup is launching the new NewV set UEL 5000, the evolution of its two Ink Series within the NewV set range for high-performance applications on coated and uncoated substrates. The improved product impresses with optimal reactivity and color/water stability, elevating the overall performance to a new level.Delivering top-notch results of the highest qualitythis is the

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PERLAME - BLISTair Single-Use Inhaler - Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI)

PERLAME - BLISTair is a smart inhalation device. It is a patented, disposable, single-use Dry Powder Inhaler, made out of a high barrier primary packaging film. It is a platform for the pulmonary delivery of a wide range of drug substances.Benefits and propertiesavoids first-pass-effectalternative to injectionrapid onset of actioncompetitive development and manufacturing costsadaptable to many pow

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Coop & Emmi unveil Swiss dairy in “more environmentally sound” PET bottles

Selected milk and cream products sold under Coops brands are now available in more environmentally sound PET bottles and various Emmi branded products such as Emmi Energy Milk.The launch of this packaging innovation represents another step toward achieving sustainability goals as both companies seek to establish a circular economy.It is currently the only plastic food packaging in Switzerland that

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Reliable Vial Blinding from Schreiner MediPharm for International Clinical Trial

In clinical trials, it is important to reliably blind the investigational products so that trial participants cannot distinguish verum and placebo from each other. That is a prerequisite for obtaining valid results regarding the efficacy of the tested medicine. In the case of transparent containers such as vials, that poses special challenges to a blinding solution because the color of the vial co

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PVC 2024

PVC Conference as well organised and enjoyable, providing an excellent opportunity to network, meeting established and new contacts, plus providing a great opportunity to update their knowledge of the latest developments in the industry.94% were impressed by the comprehensive scope of the conference95% were pleased with the networking opportunities84% rate the event good or excellent value for mon

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The 6 most commonly used plastic types, as listed by Plastic Ocean, are 1:Polyethylene TerephthalateHigh-Density PolyethylenePolyvinyl ChlorideLow-Density PolyethylenePolypropylenePolystyreneToday, several bio-based alternatives are being researched and trialed due to their renewable sourcing and potential for reduced environmental impact.In the blog, we will list some promising, tested alternativ

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