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" Dare to believe in the power of packaging! "

As time seems to slip away, the hourglass turns itself over once more. The sun sets slowly, yet on the horizon, a new dawn eagerly awaits.

These lines from the renowned song "Dare to Believe" resonate deeply with Packaging Connections. Since our inception, we have dared to believe in catalyzing a paradigm shift in packaging across diverse domains:

1. We embraced the ethos of information and knowledge sharing, giving birth to and issuing our inaugural newsletter in 2005 which is now called namasté packaging and circulated globally every week since then non stop

2. With unwavering conviction, we ventured into "offsite consulting," achieving success with a multinational project in 2007, and have continued delivering offsite packaging projects annually since.

3. Believing in the potential of "Rising India," we introduced new technologies to the nation, starting with our inaugural project in 2008 and progressively expanding our portfolio.

4. Recognizing the future potential of Internet and Content Marketing, we embarked on our first project in 2008. Today, the pervasive influence of social media extends across all spheres, including politics.

5. We challenged the norms of traditional packaging events with "Ideas & Opportunities," creating an unconventional gathering devoid of sponsors, chief guests, or external speakers.

6. With steadfast belief, we introduced packaging KPO, e-Learning in packaging, and email consulting services.

7. We dared to redefine packaging literature, publishing several books on "Innovation in Packaging."

8. We remain firm in our belief that the day is near when we can confidently assert: "Packaging is the visible soul of a product; without it, life is futile—PACKAGING IS EVERYTHING."

Embrace the wonders of packaging and dare to believe. You can listen to the song via this link:

Furthermore, we continue to serve our packaging fraternity through various channels:
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