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The past year has been one during which we saw a major wave of recycled products coming into use. Many global packaging companies announced the arrival of new designs incorporating recycled paper, recycled plastic. This year foresees the induction of fully recyclable and/or fully recycled packaging for most big brands.

Let’s elucidate some of the benefits of recycling used paper and plastic and further using the recycled product:

  1. Redirects waste for landfills and incinerators, thus reducing overall environmental degradation.
  2. Reduces the import of new raw materials and internalizes the process leading to higher domestic gains.
  3. Preserves precious raw materials, especially in the case of plastics. Since we have a limited source of fossil fuel hydrocarbons, it is important to limit their use to only when necessary.
  4. Reduces environmental disruption caused by the extraction of new raw material. This, in turn, benefits the wildlife and local ecosystems.
  5. Lower overall energy consumption. Although energy is still used to recycle previously used material, a lot more energy is saved due to reduced sourcing and waste processing.

Once we achieve the goal of introducing fully recycled products in the market, our next aim should be to find ways to completely avoid disposal and maintain once-manufactured products in the cycle of use without compromising on quality or increasing energy consumption.



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