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Premium Webinar services by PackagingConnections

Hello Friends

PackagingConnections is overjoyed to announce the Premium Webinar services for anybody who would be interested to share packaging information with the huge packaging community of PackagingConnections. As you know we have more than 100K members at receiving our weekly newsletter with useful packaging information since 2005. So far we had been successfully sending the weekly newsletter every week non-stop since 2005. Afterall PackagingConnections is Your Destination for Anything in Packaging!

Now due to the Corona pandemic, the much awaited vale of webinars has been highly recognised and appreciated. Its. also important from the webinar organizer’s point of view that quality content is offered in a short time and clearly. So after the big success of Introduction to Packaging Connections and then Sustainability in Packaging, we had many requests to offer our webinar platform to others. Finally we have decided to do so at a fee which we can discuss. It will be a paid service and will cover the following:

  1. Introduction of webinar topic to our global audiences
  2. Managing registrations
  3. Following up to join
  4. Moderating the webinar
  5. Post webinar follow up
  6. Sharing the data of registrant to organizer
  7. Hosting of content on our channels if required

This service can be used for the announcement of any new event, customer meets, introduction of new products, sharing educational packaging information, sharing innovations, introducing new companies etc, choice is yours but everything and anything around packaging.

This is general approach and we can discuss this in detail how to go forward. So if you are interested  then please contact us at or visit our services page at

Joyfully yours

Sandeep Kumar Goyal
Founder & CEO


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