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Indian Consumer Behaviour : Packaging Insights

In this current situation, Consumers are more focused on health and hygiene, which is changing consumer behavior towards packaged foods. They are now looking for products which assures quality and healthy. According to Mintel Report on Indian Consumers 2021, below are the key points about to Indian consumer behavior :

  • Four of Five Indian Consumers think living healthier lifestyle is important and a third want to achieve financial stability and be protected against health treats.
  • Being Healthy and living healthy is the top most priority.
  • Looking for Foods that are good for health with tempting taste and Packaging.


Due to pandemic over half the population of country gives high priority to supporting local business to help revive the country’s economy by supporting products that are ‘Made in India’. Policies like Made in India, Affordable housing and Government led life insurance are shaping consumers choice around health, life goals and supporting local business.

According to Mintel Research, 82% of men prefer healthy lifestyle vs 79% of women. In 2018 and 2019, India has the highest number Of Diabetics at 50.8 Million according to WHO, despite of young population.

Growing awareness of lifestyle diseases through campaigns driven by Brands and Social Media Influencers for healthy living.  Brand’ healthy claims are appearing on indulgent categories like Snacks, spreads and bakery products.  according to Global New Product Database ,20% of Snacks launched in Year 2018 and 2019 claims to be healthy.

Despite health being a priority always, people are not able to focus on it. This gives an opportunity to Brands to guide people on what actually healthy really means.

Covid 19 has increased everyone's focus on being healthy, which brands can take advantage of, to promotes healthy eating, natural and healthy ingredients and Exercising. 

According to a research by Mintel, out of four three peoples have achieved work-life balance and they can focus on other priorities other than work, like family and health. Brands like CULT-FIT allows people involved with them to meditate, exercise and relax anytime anywhere they want to. It helps people to maintain the balance between work, family and health.

Another example is KIT- KAT ads promote concept of ‘Break time’ to help people grab break from work and rejuvenating break with their favorite snack.

18-34 years old prefer to spend quality time with family and friends, this indicates how the stress of modern life is drives people to seek out time to spend with loved ones. Here to brands market products as catalyst for creating more family time.  Dominos promotes ordering pizza online to bring family together for occasions like watching match or movies on tv.

The pandemic has led people to push back their priorities such owing business, buying new house, car etc. Job losses, pay cuts has led people being frugal in their spending patterns. Now people are looking for premium rather than basics for health and food spending. People are willing to spend bit more on products which assures quality.

Home care has risen with more focus on appliances as well as furnishing to improve the habitat, to bring in convenience, as home is center of all activities. Usage of home products like disinfectants anti- bacterial sprays, veggies washes have spiked in line with the increased focus on hygiene. Food, Exercise and mental wellness have become priority as people strive for wellness through crisis. Immunity boosting foods are sought after.

 In this situation, people are more focused towards health and hygiene, they are willing to spend money on products which are good for health, natural and most importantly immunity booster. People are looking forwards for the products and services which will help them send more time with family and friends.

Packaging Connections observe that this could be opportunity for brands to explore more of appetizing food items with innovative packaging that promotes more family engagement. Homecare products that are more user friendly can be actually used by children with effectiveness as required in this current situation. Because now growing with the pervious packaging will be difficult to achieve same revenue.

  • Now People are looking for packaging which is assuring quality and transparency of what they are purchasing with more functionality. For instance, a box which can be used as plate to serve that food, Pouch which can be converted to bowl.
  • Brands can talk about affordable indulgences to gratify ambitions such as home decor, purchase of appliances and spends on technology and customized by age group and working status.
  • Promotes family activities such DIY food kits to ease the responsibilities of women so that they can also spend more time with family
  • Giving game on Packaging with promotes family engagement.
  • Packaging design which provides process of making of food .


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