vaginal drug delivery device

Neutroplast has launched an innovative product directed at women’s health, a vaginal drug delivery device which allows the correct, comfortable, and safe administration of various dosage forms.


BeyonDevices had developed a patented innovative vaginal applicator design, allows the correct, comfortable, and safe administration of various dosage forms.

It is subdivided in three distinct groups:

  • A (AVAILABE) – For delivery of Pills and Tablets 
  • B (Under Development) – For delivery of Ovules and Capsules
  • C (Under Development) – For delivery of Suppositories and Creams

A specific version for the usage of gels and creams (up to 1cc) has been developed using the same initial design but introducing a specific delivery mechanism to address specific viscosities. It is produced with HDPE and PP pharmaceutical approved grade. This patent-pending drug-delivery device has thus been designed around bringing maximum ease of use, comfort and efficiency for the delivery of ovules, vaginal pills and creams. It features an ergonomic format together with an innovative release system that allows for the handling of the device with one hand only, maximizing the results both in compliance of the administration as well as in comfort for the user. As this is a single use, disposable item, cost efficiency was also a concern, therefore the delivery device is built using injection moulded plastic parts, allowing for competitive prices, thus allowing pharmaceutical companies to launch their products using this new technology without hampering commercial results.

Advantages of this device are:

  • Ease of use – unique mechanism to handle and use without effort, just with the pressure of two fingers;
  • Safe – contrary to ALL applicators in the market our unique design has no sharp ends and follows the anatomy of the vagina canal;
  • Efficacy – the design ensures delivery in the intended location; Functional attractive design;
  • Economy – the applicator has been designed to accommodate all formats of drug packaging (pills, ovules, tablets, etc).

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