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  • Packaging for Fresh Porridge Pot

    Colpac, created a microwaveable printing solution for the packaging of a trio of brand new, on-the-go porridge pots.


    It is without doubt that the packaged cheese market has been in development in terms of the choice in packaging material and the technology of the packaging process.

  • Savori™ Hot food-to-go range

    Food-to-go is an ever growing trend, and during the winter consumers are demanding hot, wholesome dishes which will satisfy their convenience craving lifestyle.

  • Idli Dosa Batter

    Idly and Dosa are among the most loved breakfast options across India, owing to their simplicity, taste, and nutrition. Traditionally these delicacies took hours to grind, ferment, and prepare.

  • PET bottle with reduced weight

    The polyethylene terephthalate (PET) Vitaminwater bottle uses two innovations to improve performance, while weighing less than conventional hot-fill containers.

  • Packaging for Fermented Products

    This kimchi jar is a real breakthrough in terms of packaging science and innovation. It combines a very traditional product with contemporary, high-tech packaging.

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  • Interactive Cosmetic Packaging

    Charlotte Tilbury, one of a world renowned make-up artist, has launched her latest eye make-up collection ‘Bigger, Brighter Eyes’ in a video box presentation, designed, created and manufactured by

  • Carton with video screen

    An innovative carton that gives product description / usage instructions / customer feedback through it's inbuilt video system.

  • Peer Virtual Reality Headset

    Peer VR Headset allows offset and Digital printing so is a great marketing and brand promotional tool. The design is playful, interactive, attractive and ergonomic

  • Stackable Flexible Pack

    Flexible packs are good give high shelf appeal and gives your brand a presence in retail stores. But these are not good to STACK.

  • Insulation made of wool

    Woolcool is made of 100% sheep’s wool, a renewable resource that is biodegradable, sustainable, natural and compostable.

  • Pallet container made up of corrugation

    Mondi Group has designed Pal-box a practical pallet container made of corrugated board.

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