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  • POS sunscreen Tube

    The sun cream edition offers best conditions for a high level of recognition at the POS and for a successful identification with the sport/target group.

  • E-Commerce Frustration free packaging

    This box made for ecommerce features smart locks at both ends.

  • Ready to go Coffee Packaging
    • Innovative on the go concept for coffee packaging
  • Toothpick packaging

    This toothpick packaging is impressive in its convenience and hygiene due to to convenient, faster and more precise handling.This pack is designed so as to dispense one tooth pick at a time.

  • Unique design-of a carton Package

    This original and unique design-of a carton package, contains a bottle of Omega food supplement for children. .The package is designed like a game of cubes.&

  • Aluminium closure without bead

    TEXEAL is a latest innovative closure, made out of Aluminium sheet.

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