“The world now realizes that India can deliver the best.” Rahul Bhargava, Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited
Innovative dosing spoon for dosing of liquids, granules Marketing manager, Stiplastics
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Latest Press Releases

Eric Frantz elected as new AEROBAL President

The global aluminium aerosol can industry is confidently taking up challenges such as the increasing competition from plastic aerosols

NVC debate shows way to common future of the different packaging materials

The best strategy in packaging, both for users and suppliers, is to focus on synergies in application, manufacturing and recycling of the different materials

India Ratings upgrades Cosmo Films to IND A

India Ratings and Research (Ind-Ra), a Fitch Group company in its recent annual rating review has upgraded Cosmo Films Ltd.’s (CFL) long-term credit rating to ‘IND A’ from previous rating of ‘IND A-’.
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Latest News

Lenticular as brand authentication

MicroFlex™ is a unique Ultra Thin Lens Array film developed by Forward Optics, Inc (USA) exclusively for the brand authentication. ...

SqueezeOpen-User-friendly closure system enhances consumer experience

A unique user-friendly closure system from SqueezeOpen is a primary packaging solution created to enhance consumer lifestyle. ...

Bamboo for electronics packaging

Packaging made from bamboo, a highly renewable material that serves as a great alternative to molded paper pulp, foams and corrugate often used in packaging. ...

Packaging Integrating Scrub

L’Oreal’s ‘Go 360° Clean’ has launched packaging with an integrated removable “scrublet”. ...


Microbristle Applicators are the innovative response to the rising trends of precise drug application ...

Eye drop application aid

DropAid helps dropper bottle users open the bottle and position the dropper correctly. ...

Hybrid Hot Water and Heating System

ECO ONE is an “environmentally-friendly package of the hybrid hot-water/heating system. ...

Powder Spray Bottles

These brand new powder spray bottles have to be seen to be believed. They actually spray powder ...
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