Organizations need to realize that packaging is not just a bottle or a box, but rather Dr. Jay Singh, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA, USA
The pouch is designed for consumers who like fresh meat marinated in an organic marinade. Joachim Antz, AMPAC FLEXIBLES GmbH 
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Latest Press Releases

High-Security Seal for Continental

Goodbye to Tachograph Tampering

Ardagh and JDO create ripples for new Catto’s whisky bottle

Catto’s is a high quality blended Scotch whisky that is a hidden gem within the IBHL portfolio

European tube market stable despite difficult business environment

etma press release covering the market development of the European flexible tubes industry
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Latest News

Counterfeit-detecting smartcards

Counterfeit-detecting smartcards are just some of the commercial uses that Northumbria students have designed for a new technology called printable electronics. ...

Smarties Monster Packaging for icecream

This funny and beautiful packaging for icecream serves reusability function.  ...


Reusable Packaging for refrigerator made by Expended Polystyrene(EPP) and replaced paper and polystyrene. ...

Reclosable Cheese Packaging

An application for shredded cheese which allows the consumer to open the package, remove the product they need and then simply fold the top over to reseal it. ...

Brady Releases the BBP®37 and BBP®35 Sign and Label Printers

 BBP®37 cut and color and BBP®35 multicolor sign and label printers. ...

Eco friendly Cleaner Packaging

Reusable platform designed specifically for liquid concentrates that reduces cost.  ...

Skinny Jeans Packaging

Lee Skinny Jeans Packaging for The Lee Skinny Campaign.  ...

Bottles Out of Recycled Ocean Plastic

Ecological cleaning brand Ecover has launched its bottle made from waste plastic fished out of the ocean.  ...
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