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  • Carton with video screen

    An innovative carton that gives product description / usage instructions / customer feedback through it's inbuilt video system.

  • Peer Virtual Reality Headset

    Peer VR Headset allows offset and Digital printing so is a great marketing and brand promotional tool. The design is playful, interactive, attractive and ergonomic

  • Stackable Flexible Pack

    Flexible packs are good give high shelf appeal and gives your brand a presence in retail stores. But these are not good to STACK.

  • Insulation made of wool

    Woolcool is made of 100% sheep’s wool, a renewable resource that is biodegradable, sustainable, natural and compostable.

  • Pallet container made up of corrugation

    Mondi Group has designed Pal-box a practical pallet container made of corrugated board.

  • iPaint

    The patent-pending iPaint by Nirlat is an innovative product which revolutionizes the way consumers paint their homes.

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