Mini Spray Packaging

Core Idea Behind This Design Was To Find A Packaging Which Works Both In-Store And Online According To The Company


•Kasper developed a customised packaging box with an ingenious interior that can be set up mechanically. Inside the box there is a voucher that is personalised in advance. The core idea behind this design was to find a packaging which works both in-store and online according to the company. Due to the small quantities, consumers can test the desired perfume inexpensively. The enclosed voucher can be used for additional information and offers the consumer a discount if they register on the customer’s website with a code, enabling further contact.
Various perfume manufacturers are signing up for this concept and creating own looks according to their corporate design. This has resulted in high-end designs with embossing, gold foil and a printed inner carton. The spray pump included is reusable, promoting the sustainability aspect. The insert which fixates the mini-spray can also be reused and does not need to be disposed of. Fixation of the insert and the voucher was difficult: only cartonboard was able to meet all the requirements of this packaging.

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