Innovative Modular Heating Technology For Thermoforming

This innovative modular heating technologyis a material-saving contact heating system made of ceramic elements for precise temperature transfer into polymer film. Integrated highly accurate control unit for targeted material distribution in the thermoforming process which will feature Optimum wall thickness distribution. Packaging material savings of up to 30% without loss of performance. Energy efficiency gains and process advantages.


This heating system is a contact heating system, consisting of ceramic heating elements, with which very precise temperature profiles may be applied to the polymer film as desired. The controls built into the heating module allow a control accuracy of +/-1 Kelvin. The thermoforming process with regard to distribution of material can be applied so specifically that an optimal wall thickness distribution can be achieved. By being able to have a lower initial material thickness, up to 30% of packaging material can be saved without compromising the barrier or the compression strength. The process saves on the complete pre-stretching device and the energy efficiency gain can also be around 30%, depending on the degree of deformation needed.

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