The First Sealed Paper Packaging

First Tightly Sealed Paper Packaging Which Was Launched By Bosch Packaging Technology And Billerudkorsnäs Beginning Of June


The new solution enables to pack products such as sugar, flour or grain into dust-tight, sustainable monomaterial-paper instead of polymer film. As a result retailers and consumers profit from clean shelves, high product protection and improved product quality. The packaging is produced and sealed on the pme zap, the first vertical form, fill and seal machine (vffs) with the new zap-module. It allows a partial coating with the sealing agent which preserves the paper’s monomaterial character. Until now, it was only possible to fill into pre-made paper bags or have them produced and glued on a mandrel wheel machine. The vffs concept offers more flexibility regarding formats and pack styles and it is very popular on the market.

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