Amcor's wine bottle overcap to detect counterfeits

Amcor & Selinko launch In fact, the first connected capsule offering a unique solution for wines and spirits to fight counterfeiting. Domaine Rebourseau in Burgundy will be the first winery to adopt InTact.


Amcor and NFC specialist Selinko have partnered with a French winery to launch a connected overcap which protect wines and spirits from counterfeiting and fraudulent refilling. Domaine Rebourseau in Burgundy will be the first winery to adopt InTact, which enables consumers to verify the authenticity of their bottle using a NFC smartphone or device which taps the chip embedded in the tag together with the Selinko mobile application platform. With 20 per cent of wine sold believed to be counterfeit, there appears to be a growing need for anti-counterfeiting technology. Ready-to-cap solution Amcor Capsules took up a technical challenge by developing a specific overcap to directly embark the NFC tag. The qualitative decoration process and the discreet integration of the tag allow brands to maintain a premium image. InTact is a ready-to-cap solution that requires no change on the bottling line. Anyone tapping the overcap with an NFC smartphone can authenticate the bottle, verify its status (opened/ not opened yet) and get information about the product (vintage, production, history, serving tips, etc.) as well as the brand. Selinko’s platform also allows brands to better control their distribution network to detect grey markets by involving the end consumer as final controller.

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