Tubex has developed an aerosol can without varnishes at all.


In a standard production for aerosol cans lacquers and varnishes are always in use. Internal and external varnishes are needed for shaping and necking the can. Without those varnishes the shaping and necking would not be possible as the tooling would be etched. But Tubex has developed an aerosol can without varnishes at all.

According to the company this is the first aluminium aerosol can produced neither with lacquer nor ink. The packaging expert smartly modified the production process of this aluminium can. This innovative manufacturing process is another step to protect the environment and TUBEX’s aim to offer its customers sustainable and unique packaging solutions. The omittance of ink and lacquer and thus no curing of such has a positive ecological impact. The elimination of this production step means less consumption of energy and saves a considerable amount of resources and results in creating less carbon footprint. PURITY is a light weight can but yet demonstrates increased material strength. A PURITY production line is shorter than a standard aerosol can production line and therefore needs less building space. The can offers other advantages too, like i.e. late stage differentiation resulting in less stock of empty cans and increased responsiveness to the changes of the market.

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