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Reliable Marking at Freezing Temperatures

Released: Wed, 08/25/2010 - 12:52 By Anonymous
Schreiner Medipharm
Contact Person :
Amninder Singh
+91 124 4143952

 Cold-temperature applications during clinical trials require labeling solutions that meet exacting material and handling demands. Schreiner MediPharm now offers a new label for frozen products. It is based on the proven Pharma-Wrap label and enables easy marking with variable data, even after application of the label. 

During clinical trials new pharmaceuticals are often stored in containers at low temperatures and marked with variable data at later process stages. Up to now, this additional marking of frozen drugs posed a challenge. When a container stored at -20 °C (-4 °F) is removed from the freezer a conventional label will immediately develop condensation. This water has to be removed in a separate process step before the label can be marked with additional variable data, or before an additional label can be applied for reliable marking.

A new version of the Pharma-Wrap label specifically developed for coldtemperature applications now remedies this problem. A transparent, surface layer prevents any type of condensation and, in addition, protects the base label from abrasion and scratching. A second, smaller label with variable data can thus be applied directly after removing the product from the freezer.

In addition, Pharma-Wrap has two detachable corners marked with a P for “placebo” and V for “active drug.” After applying the label, the operator simply detaches the respective corner and thus indicates – in a first step – whether this is a placebo or an active drug. This avoids mix-ups and saves time when subsequently marking the product with variable data. Pharma-Wrap reduces the requirement for different types of labels and significantly cuts costs.


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