Kissan Squeezo

An innovation in ketchup packing, kissan squeezo is a plastic multilayer container that replaces the traditional glass bottle and has many firsts to its credit. Multilayer, because it has multiple layers of plastic including evoh ethyl vinyl alcohol, which prevents entry of oxygen into the container, thereby keeping the food product in a safe consumable condition, for a longer period. It is unbreakable, clean and light in weight. It solves the classic problem of ketchup not flowing out of the bottle without thumping it from behind. Also, it provides much better display efficiencies, lowers logistics and transportation costs and reduces wastage.

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Manjushree Technopack
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Mr. Ankit kedia
Associate Director

The innovation that we are about to discuss concerns the indian ketchup packaging industry. It was jointly accomplished by manjushree technopack, a bangalore based indian packaging major and kissan, a famous ketchup brand from unilever&rsquos indian subsidiary hindustan unilever. It has the second largest market share 26 in the indian ketchup market. Kissan decided to change the packaging of its ketchup so that it becomes convenient for the customer to use the ketchup and to ensure higher efficiencies in logistics. For this purpose, kissan commissioned manjushree technopack, a bangalore based packaging major.manjushree realized that for ages ketchup has been packed in glass bottles, which are heavy, prone to breakage and tough to use as a person has to thump the bottle from behind and wait for the ketchup to flow.  Kissan in partnership with manjushree decided to solve this problem by packaging kissan ketchup in plastic packs using the multilayer packaging technology. Multilayer technology involves integration of various polymers with evoh ethyl vinyl alcohol, which acts as an oxygen barrier. This kind of packaging provides a moisture barrier and is a neutral material that keeps the ketchup fresh and insulated. The packaging is unbreakable, light in weight and provides improved shelf life. Manjushree technopack is the only company in india that is capable of providing such a solution.manjushree technopack designed an inverted squeeze bottle that allows the user to pour ketchup by just squeezing the container lightly. The squeezo cap has been provided with a silicon valve that cuts off ketchup flow when the bottle isnt being squeezed. This eliminates ketchup wastage and smudging around the cap. Also introduced were other unique features such as, an easy openingclosure system, the flip open model and an easy to hold grip.this kissan squeezo pack weighs just 60 grams, as compared to the traditional 700 grams glass package. The lower weight has helped reduce logistics and transportation costs and it makes the product easier to handle for the consumer particularly children who are prominent consumers of ketchup. Moreover, there is no risk of breakage since the package is of multilayer plastic. Also, the package is easier to handle inside retail stores and provides much better display efficiencies on retail racks. Kissan has prominently highlighted the packaging of the product for promotional purposes. In this case, the packaging itself has acted as a differentiator for the product. This shows that productive innovations stem from deep understanding of the consumer life cycle of a product and it is not only the product improvements that deliver value to the customer but also innovations in packaging and design that make it easier for consumers to use a product.

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