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JUGIT Container for Milk Pouch Packaging

Released: Wed, 05/05/2010 - 15:28 By Anonymous
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Bob Bushby
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RPC Containers Market Rasen’s expertise in the injection molding of unusually shaped containers has been instrumental in the launch of an exciting new concept in milk packaging, the JUGIT.

RPC Containers Market Rasen has launched JUGIT, a product designed to make bagged milk more acceptable to consumers. 

Developed by Dairy Crest in association with the Sainsbury’s supermarket chain, JUGIT offers consumers a pouch-based format that uses substantially less packaging material than conventional plastic milk containers, allied to the convenience of an easy-to-pour, reusable jug manufactured by RPC Market Rasen. Consumers are increasingly conscious about the environmental impact of packaging, and material reduction is a key means of improving this.

A huge amount of plastic is used annually in the manufacture of milk containers, but pouches require only 25% of the plastic found in the equivalent size of container, making them extremely attractive from the viewpoint of sustainability.

To encourage reusability of the JUGIT, the only part that needs to be cleaned between pouches is the spike attachment. JUGIT is sold with two of these, so that consumers do not have to wash the attachment before fitting each new pouch. A detachment handle is also supplied to enable greater flexibility in pouring.




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