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Intercept Technology packaging provides 3 way protection

Released: Wed, 08/04/2010 - 02:41 By Anonymous
FPM Inc.
Contact Person :
Randy Dutton
360-249-5833 PST

Intercept Technology packaging is the ONLY active anticorrosion packaging material to win a European environmental award, and helped VW to win the 2009 South African environmental award. It does this by sacrificially removing corrosive gases that cause corrosion, and eliminates the need to use coatings, volatile corrosion inhibitors, and/or foils to protect parts for up to 15 years storage. Intercept does NOT emit any chemicals and is safe for personnel and all stored items. Intercept is the only packaging BMW certified for 15 year component obsolescence program (when they stop making cars, Germany requires 15 years of parts minimum).

Intercept is recyclable as colored polyethylene, very reusable until mechanically worn out, protects even without a perfect seal (foil can't do this), protects ALL metals and elastomeric materials without any compatibility issues (VCIs can't do this). While protecting against corrosion, Intercept also is a semi-conductive plastic that protects electronics from ESD and static shock. And because Intercept is made from a covalently bonded reactive copper to a polyethylene matrix, it inhibits mold/mildew from forming on the plastic surface. Overall, Intercept reduces your carbon foot print and improves productivity. Many automotive parts manufacturers have found they can eliminate some packaging steps by using Intercept.

Intercept Technology was invented by Bell Labs, and is available from several suppliers in most any form that plastic is used from shrinkfilm, Ziploc style and heat sealable bags, foam, laminates, coating, ink, coated corrugate, reusable canvas bags, etc.


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