Innovative Roll Handling For Packaging

There are many methods for handling heavy rolls, the collage shows afew sample methods.

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Alumalift, inc.
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Stan Bressner

Most packaging operations employ machines that use materials in roll form.  There is a huge variety of conditions including roll materials, weights and dimensions the sources and the destinations or targets.  Layouts vary as do floor conditions and constraints such as doorways.the design of a lifting device as well as its end effecter depend upon the identified variables as well as the manipulations required to get the rolls from their sources to their targets that can be at different heights.  Specific innovations include clamping force control, automatic height selection, overload modules and telescoping prevention devices.rolls weighing 1000 lbs and more are safely handled by one person while eliminating the cost of a licensed fork lift driver as well as waiting time. Lifts for use in food processing or in pharmaceuticl applications are capable of withstanding harsh chemicals and wash down.  Lifts are also uniquely availalble for use in class 100 clean rooms and are so certified.  

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