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    New compostable film by joint Indian / UK Consortium

    The film is put forward as a compostable alternative to bio-based polymers for film such as PLA, which is slow to decompose outside of a controlled environment, and aims to keep food fresh for longer without using conventional plastic film, which is largely non-recyclable, especially in developing countries.The consortium claims that the film has the capacity to increase storage-life performance of specific foods by two to five days without refrigeration. The consortium claims that the film h


    In a simple move, these unique bottles get interlocked to be­come a one and unique packaging. BottleClips® bottles are patended worldwide! Less bulky, your drinks can now follow you in your daily activities and can be separated to drink or to share your favorite beverages. ​ You want to market your products differently? BottleClips® opens new marketing perspectives. More than a new design, your customers will appreciate the many practical aspects of it. ​BottleClips Innovative an

    Hand Lift Your Package With Extra Smartness

    I am sure we all must have lifted this pack once in our lifetime and what did it feel like….gurrr, “It is quite heavy, why can’t there be some easy option to lift it up?” Ofcourse when it comes to labours lifting such heavy boxes or crates or shrink wrapped cases we generally don’t bother, right?Recently in an exhibition I saw workmen lifting these shrink cases with one hand through a big hole that they dig into the shrink film. But is it actually the right way to

    Fast track your business recovery with IndiaCorr Expo

    Start generating sales lead even before you go to the show. These are challenging times, and we understand the need of the hour. By being part of India IndiaCorr Expo (ICE), you can fast track your business recovery. Be ahead of the curve by exhibiting at IndiaCorr Expo 2020 and avail benefits such as promotion of your brand and your products through segment specific e-mailers and various social media platforms to get sales leads months before the show. In these trying times, IndiaC

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    Founded In 2005 Sanex Started With An Online Platform As Your Destination For Anything In Packaging The Company Progressed With Innovative Models Of Bringing New Technologies To World Through Support To Foreign Packaging Companies Sanex Is A Company By Packaging Professionals Who Have Worked On Successful Projects With Multinationals For Live Packaging Projects This Is First Packaging Consulting Company To Have Iso 90012008 Certification Sanex Is Indian Partner For Top German Pharma Companies And Have A Wide Network Of Packaging Professionals Across The Globe Witnessing Fast Brand Recognition And Network Growth Company Has Come Up With Various Verticals In Packaging Please Find More Details On Wwwpackagingconnectionscomaboutushtm
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