• Webinar on Functional and Qualification tests for Prefilled Syringes

    Gurugram, India, 02Feb 2021- Packaging Connections has started with a series of webinars during January’2021. After successfully completing the first one on “Packaging Connections A New Start-2021”. The company is coming up with a new free webinar on an important topic PFS. The company has completed the initial research on “Functional and Qualification Test for Prefilled Syringes” The Webinar will cover Qualification and Functional testing of PFS:

  • Dow and Plastigaur announce the successful commercialization of collation shrink films using recycled plastic


    The resin is based on low-density polyethylene (LDPE) into which post-consumer recycled (PCR) material from shrink film is incorporated without sacrificing material quality and functionality in the final application. Initially introduced in late 2019, AGILITYTM CE is the first PCR product offering from Dow. The company now has PCR product offerings in its every operating region.

    Inclusion of recycled content (PCR) is a vital step towards reducing the carbon footprint of packaging. The PCR content in the final shrink film developed by Plastigaur is 50%, which results in a significant reduction in carbon emissions of 25%.

    Moreover, Dow has also worked with Plastigaur to reduce the thickness of this PCR-containing shrink film from 45 to 40 microns. By reducing the thickness while maintaining the packaging functionality, the film enables an additional amount of CO2 savings of 11% and reduces overall environmental impact by 32%. Incorporating this solution into packaging will help retailers and brand owners meet their sustainability goals without compromising on quality.

    The commercial use of AGILITY™ CE, a resin containing 70% post-consumer recycled material, is an important moment, as Dow continues to work towards its goal of becoming the leading producer of circular plastics with the lowest CO2 footprint in the industry. This development is an example of Dow’s strategy to minimize resources and plastic waste as well as reduce carbon emissions and aligns with the Company’s new commitments to address plastic waste and climate change.

    Agnieszka Godlewska, Marketing Manager Industrial & Consumer Packaging at Dow commented: "By working in close partnership with Plastigaur, we’ve been able to accelerate our innovative PCR product offering, demonstrating a commercially viable solution that uses high-quality packaging made from recycled content. This is not a concept or a project anymore, this is reality. We’re excited to continue working with more partners across the value chain and pushing forward industry standards in post-consumer recycling offerings with the ultimate aim of reducing plastic waste and CO2 emissions."

    "We are very excited with the development of these new collation shrink films. They bring us, and the Brand Owners, closer to reaching our sustainability goals" says Luis Artola, Managing Director at Plastigaur. "The integration of recycled materials can be a challenge, but the newest technologies and our experience in the industry, enabled us to push the boundaries and we could not be more proud of the results."

  • Valvoline Leads Packaging Innovation with Launch of FlexFill


    Valvoline Inc., a U.S.-based, leading worldwide supplier of premium branded lubricants and automotive services, announced today the retail launch of its newest gear-oil packaging innovation, FlexFillTM. The patented FlexFill bag will make changing synthetic gear oil easier — all while providing a more flexible, less wasteful automotive Do-It-Yourself (DIY) experience.

    "At Valvoline, we strive to make vehicle care easy — through both superior product engineering and innovative product packaging," said Heidi Matheys, Valvoline chief marketing officer. "FlexFill is designed for use in tight spaces and to reduce product waste, giving users the satisfaction of utilizing every bit of gear oil purchased and doing so with less overall difficulty."

    Historically, synthetic gear-oil packaging has consisted of hard plastic that is difficult to maneuver in an automobile's undercarriage — resulting in unused product per bottle. FlexFill's innovative packaging will allow for less waste, all while providing an easier user experience, even in compact spaces.

    "Every day, we work to create solutions for our users, whether those solutions create better protection for vehicles, enhance the lifespan of an automobile or provide time-saving, environmentally sound options for DIYers," said Roger England, Valvoline chief research and development officer. "Valvoline's product and packaging engineers will continue to innovate in every area – from design to products and services – to meet the needs of our ever-evolving customers."

    FlexFill packaging is available in two synthetic gear oil grades — SAE 75W-90 and SAE 75W-140—and can be purchased at various retail outlets nationwide, including Advance (April 2021), AutoZone Meijer and Walmart, as well as on Amazon.

    Since 1866, Valvoline has conceptualized, tested and perfected its motor oil science, resulting in a complete portfolio of leading products and game-changing product packaging trusted worldwide. From the world's first racing oil to the world's first high mileage oil to the world's first synthetic blend, Valvoline has protected engines for over 150 years.



    The official launch of the cooperation, which will focus on application, material and processing innovations in the thin-wall packaging industry through collaboration across the segment's entire value chain, is scheduled for the first quarter of 2021.

    “This is a major investment in synergy for us,” states Sergi Monros, SABIC Vice President of Performance Polymers & Industry Solutions, Petrochemicals. “Together with NETSTAL, we will bundle our expertise in polymer science and processing to enable new material and injection molding solutions for the competitive edge of customers throughout the thin-wall packaging industry and beyond.”

    SABIC will be using the Innovation Center to develop material solutions with potential for improving important properties of thin-wall packaging applications, such as balance of stiffness, impact strength, cycle time reduction and sustainability. The NETSTAL Product Packaging portfolio can be further optimized as a result of improved material and process insights.

    The Innovation Center will be fully equipped and expanded with advanced new development, processing, material and application testing facilities tailored to the needs of the packaging industry, including a dedicated laboratory for state-of-the-art injection molding and part performance evaluation.

    “We are pleased to welcome SABIC at our NETSTAL business headquarters here in Switzerland, which has a long history in innovative technologies for thin-wall injection molding,” says Renzo Davatz, CEO of KraussMaffei HighPerformance AG. “The collaboration with SABIC will add significant momentum to the further development and commercialization of our product portfolio for innovative new thin-wall packaging applications.”

    “The joint application center will help us accelerate the pace of innovation and respond to our customers’ needs for changing market trends,” adds Waleed Al Shalfan, SABIC Vice President Technology & Innovation for Polymers. “It will be instrumental in looking at our business practices from a more collaborative angle to turn global challenges into opportunities that add lasting value to us, our customers and society. That’s how we create CHEMISTRY THAT MATTERS.”

    SABIC is partnering with KraussMaffei’s NETSTAL brand in a strategic resource for innovative thin-wall packaging applications. With significant investment in new equipment, the jointly used and expanded Innovation Center at Näfels, Switzerland, is targeted at advanced application, material and processing solutions for the thin-wall packaging industry through collaboration across the segment’s value chain. (Photo: KraussMaffei HighPerformance AG)


    The year 2020 has been a year of a lot of opportunities and challenges. Packaging has played a great role during the pandemic to survive and we learned a lot and successfully implemented several new projects. All that is done remotely using the digital way of working and modern logistics support. In the process, we had also revisited our services and offerings. So we would like to update you on where we are today (present) and what we would be doing in the days to come (near future). We will talk about our services like

    • Consulting.
    • Packaging Design.
    • Foreign Partners.
    • How PackagingConnections can help you in your day to day packaging work..

    You can join us to know more about PackagingConnections next week on 12th January 2021. We have two time slots (2:00 PM-IST and 8:PM-IST)  so that we can cover almost everyone globally. To join the webinar click on the link: https://lnkd.in/dJKr3EJ


  • Nesquik, Ricoré and Chocapic Bio now available in reusable containers


    Consumers can access the cocoa, coffee and chicory drink, and cereal products in reusable stainless-steel containers through Carrefour's e-commerce delivery platform. By the end of the year, the products will be available online and in 10 Carrefour stores in and around Paris.

    Once consumed, the empty containers are collected from the consumer's home or dropped off by the consumer in the stores. The containers are then cleaned, refilled and put back in Loop platform's circular system.

    Experts from Nestlé's Institute of Packaging Sciences tested the new containers to ensure that they keep the product fresh and safe throughout the shelf-life.

    With the addition of the three new brands to the Loop platform, Nestlé is continuing its efforts to reduce the environmental footprint of its packaging, while contributing to a circular economy. Currently Nestlé's partnership with Carrefour and Loop in France includes a home delivery and deposit system for Vittel and S.Pellegrino natural mineral water in reusable glass bottles. Nestlé also recently launched the first cat litter in a durable and refillable container via Loop's eCommerce platform in the U.S.

  • SABIC has introduced a new recycled resin partly made from ocean-bound plastics.

    Ocean-bound plastics is defined as those that have been recovered from ocean-feeding waterways and inland areas within a 50-kilometre radius of the ocean.

    The ocean-bound resin SABIC uses is mechanically recycled and converted into components for new consumer goods and electronics applications, such as TV remote controls and electronic razors. It has the potential to also be used in other industries, such as automotive.

  • Coca-Cola European Partners delivers a first in Europe through the introduction of CanCollar® technology


    Coca-Cola European Partners has today announced the introduction of CanCollar®, an innovative paperboard packaging solution, for multipack cans in Spain. The move supports its work, in partnership with Coca-Cola, to remove all unnecessary or hard to recycle plastic from its portfolio, avoiding the use of more than 11,000 tonnes of virgin plastic a year across Western Europe. Initially, Coca-Cola European Partners will launch the new, PEFC certified[1] recyclable and sustainably sourced paperboard CanCollar® in the Balearic Islands in November 2020, a first in Europe. Innovative packaging design is a core principle of Coca-Cola’s World Without Waste strategy and through collaboration with WestRock, a global company that provides its customers with sustainable differentiated packaging solutions, Coca-Cola European Partners will start to use the CanCollar® paperboard can ring technology in the Balearic Islands, replacing the current Hi-cone solution and saving more than 18 tonnes of plastic annually. Coca-Cola European Partners has invested 2.6 million euros in its Barcelona plant to support this initiative. The installation of WestRock’s CanCollar® Fortuna™ manufacturing equipment will enable multipack cans to be grouped in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, with a process that does not require the use of glue or adhesives. Joe Franses, Vice President of Sustainability, Coca-Cola European Partners said, " The agreement with WestRock exemplifies our clear commitment to reduce plastic in our secondary packaging. By the end of 2020, we will have removed more than 4,000 tonnes of hard to recycle plastic from our secondary packaging in Western Europe. It’s through collaborating on innovative packaging solutions like CanCollar® that we are able to do this.” Dwayne Irvin, Vice President of Enterprise Solutions at WestRock said, “We are proud of our longstanding partnership with Coca-Cola. For 70 years we have supported Coca-Cola in bringing innovation to global beverage markets. CanCollar® is the latest initiative supporting Coca-Cola’s vision to create a World Without Waste.”

  • Take Home the Gold with New Kit Kat Packaging for the Olympics


    The Tokyo Banana Kit Kat Gold, Banana Caramel Flavor, is the result of a partnership between Nestlé and Tokyo Banana, a brand of cream-filled cakes that’s also ranked the No. 1 Japanese souvenir. Launched last year, the product has now returned in a special golden package shaped like Mt. Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan and second-highest volcano in Asia. With its iconic pack design and combination of beloved flavors, the Mt. Fuji Tokyo Banana Kit Kat Gold is sure to make for a popular souvenir among travelers and locals alike. On sale until Sept. 7, the product can be purchased exclusively at the Tokyo Okashi Land confectionery store at Tokyo Station. Unfortunately for the rest of us, that's in Japan only... However if you're seeking a new flavor, Kit Kat Apple Pie is available now in the U.S., another limited edition product.

  • New 3Corações Cappuccino Package Launches Using Aptar’s BAP® Technology

    Aptar brings to Brazil a highly advanced technology that offers convenience and functionality for food packaging: Bonded Aluminum to Plastic, or BAP®. This technology, which is brand new in Brazil, will be featured on the new packaging of national favorite Cappuccino 3Corações.

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