Label material having a reduced basis weight means less material, water / energy consumption and less waste at the material manufacturer.

Proprietary Modular Clamp and Variable Pitch Make New Revolution MVP System Configurable between 12 and 24 Stations and Up to 100 Positions on the Same Platform, Producing Bottles up to 16 in. (40cm) tall at Up to 8 rpm

Scientist developed edible milk based packaging film for the products as a substitute for petroleum based plastic films.

Plast Future East 2016 is an event dedicated to plastic industry. In 2016, this event is scheduled to organise from 18 – 20 Novmber 2016, at Balasore International Expo Centre, NOCCI Business Park, Bampada, held at Balasore, Odisha. PLAST FUTURE EAST 2016 is the is one of a largest exhibition of Plastics in Eastern India.

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Pizza Hut is turning these greasy pieces of cardboard into a game board.

There is generally manual or complex machine concepts are usually required to close metal buckets with resealable spring clamping rings

Vegetable and fruit packaging with intelligent microperforation in a multilayer foil barrier keeps contents fresh and appetising for longer ad significantly extends shelf-life.

Tubex has developed an aerosol can without varnishes at all.

This cushioning is available with just by folding pre-cut parts of corrugated sheet and inserting them into pre-arranged openings.

Stora Enso has introduced a new board grade for microwave-proof cups. Cupforma Natura PP comes with a coating that withstands being heated in the microwave and is therefore suitable for packaging soups and other foods as well as drinks sold in portions, such as cocoa.


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