• Quanergy to unveil 3D LiDAR solution for packaging automation


    Quanergy’s LiDAR solutions for the packaging and logistics industry provide advanced perception for a wide variety of industrial applications, including mobile equipment navigation, pallet storage and retrieval, package profiling, and perimeter security.

    Quanergy’s high accuracy LiDAR sensors generate rich 3D point cloud data, enabling intelligent navigation and collision avoidance for AGVs, mobile robots, and forklifts. The sensors also provide precise measurement for packaging/pallet dimensioning along with real-time situational awareness to enable safe, efficient storage and retrieval, while protecting assets and equipment from damage.

    With a rugged design and reliable performance in any weather or lighting condition, LiDAR sensors from Quanergy can withstand the rigors of the industrial environments and deliver dependable results.

  • Quest Industrial launches new pallet-packing Box Bot


    Quest Industrial says its standardized Box Bot QB300 has the same features and benefits as the original Box Bot, but is built for manufacturers that don’t need much additional customization. Box Bot users can design and automate precise pallet patterns for boxes, bags or other products to optimize shipping space in semi-trailers. The system’s footprint starts as small as 8 feet by 10 feet.

    “There are many customer applications that are relatively straightforward and ultimately don’t need something that’s extremely complex,” Quest Director of Sales Ryan Womble said in a news release. “We’ve standardized and pre-defined key configurations of the Box Bot, while not sacrificing capability or functionality. Our standardized version enables us to offer a more cost-effective palletizing solution to customers with shorter lead times.”

    TheQuest will debut the Box Bot QB300 series at the packaging industry’s Pack Expo and Healthcare Packaging Expo, both held concurrently at the Las Vegas Convention Center from Sept. 27-29.