New SACMI CCMM multilayer wins the 2018 FBE Award

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Sacmi Imola S.C.

The prestigious award from Asia Food Journal goes to a solution that offers a new, innovative application of compression technology in the single-serve pod manufacturing sector


Once again, this year sees SACMI scoop up the renowned FBE Award, an initiative by the Asia Food Journal that acknowledges the most innovative solutions in the food&beverage packaging field. Following the success of the SACMI CBF, this year saw the jury's attention drawn to the new CCMM (continuous compression multilayer moulding) press, the innovative SACMI solution for the one-step manufacture of single-serve pods with extraordinary oxygen barrier properties.


This is a two-pronged innovation: in addition to paving the way for new market opportunities in what is a highly dynamic sector (the production of foods and beverages in single-serve pods, especially coffee), this is, for SACMI, yet another new application for a tried and tested technology that is leading the way worldwide in plastic closure manufacturing.


Received on 24th October, the FBE Award acknowledges SACMI's capacity to transfer the intrinsic advantages of this technology to other sectors. This is significant because the technology has the lowest running costs on the market and offers undisputed advantages in terms of quality and process control, as each individual cavity-mould can be controlled independently.


Already prototyped and tested successfully as part of an industrialisation process involving major international players in the industry, the new CCMM SACMI multilayer will, in the coming months, be showcased at key trade fairs; displayed as a cutting-edge means of grasping new growth opportunities in the coffee/tea/other beverage-food pod sector, this solution will stand alongside other already-available SACMI solutions for the manufacture of thermoformed pods.

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Valentina Gollini
PR & Communication Dept
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