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Drupa 2012 Marked An Ultra Positive Reception For The Products Presented By Omet

Drupa 2012 marked an ultra positive reception for the products presented by omet omet supports the growth of converters with multiprocess allinonepass technology and pays the greatest attention to efficiency for a converter there are two major issues to be taken care of nowadays keep costs low to preserve margins and rely on a consistent printing result, reachable with the minimum effort in terms of process efficacy. Materials, workforce, handling are the general costs, which must be reduced. Shorten the production process &ndash make it simpler to manage, from startup to final delivery &ndash and reduce the impact in terms of time and space needed are the key to success for converting companies

who face continuous and sudden changes in the market demand and suffer from uncontrolled increase in costs. Omet response, widely applauded at drupa, is multiprocess technology for allinonepass production of labels, flexible packaging and folding carton. The idea at the base is simple stretch the converting process in one pass, erase any handling fee, minimize time waste and rely on a smaller number of operators with a standard level of preparation. At drupa omet showed the real possibilities of such a solution printing live folding carton and flexible packaging &ndash from roll unwinding to final sheet delivery &ndash, with the availability of multiprocess, that means having all the printing, finishing and converting processes prepared in line like an army ready to attack. Multiprocess technology at omet include flexo &ndash uv and solventbased, rotogravure, offset, screen, digital inkjet, cold and hot foil, lamination, etc. &ldquothis solution is available to any converter whose desire is to have a onestop printing solution for any job requirement. It is a major change in mentality. One single machine incorporates all the technologies needed to print the final product for justintime deliveries.

The solution displayed at drupa was especially dedicated to carton converters working with sheetfed and its aim was to show that no extra handling and costly offline reworking is needed anymore,&rdquo informs marco calcagni, omet sales and marketing director. &ldquothe floor space occupied by our varyflex v2 in carton converting is not even comparable to sheetfeed our press summarizes in itself all the available technologies, leaving the possibility of choice of the most suitable ones for each specific job&rdquo next to varyflex v2, a xflex x6 printed wine labels using the new omet digital inkjet technology jetplus. The bet to bring digital inkjet to the same level of performance of traditional printing technology in allinonepass production is won.

During the show demos, an impressive speed of 60 meters per minute was reached not to count the advantages provided by faultless inline diecutting. Omet monotwin cut, in fact, makes of diecutting a fast and smooth process with the great possibility to change format by replacing only the flexible die and keeping the costly cylinder and magnetic die the same. &ldquowith xflex x6, or varyflex v2, equipped with jetplus the label converter can print only what is needed with no extra wastage. If the need is to print 1000 labels,

The machine processes the exact material and there is no loss of material in between, also thanks to our advanced electronic control and register systems,&rdquo continues marco calcagni, &ldquodifferently from standard compact digital printers, which require offline converting and higher handling costs.&rdquo omet secured 5 orders during the show. Drupa over, omet invites all customers to visit its premises in lecco to touch and feel what is felt as the great occasion offered to converters. Customers at drupa were very pleased with omet solutions, we believe it is going to be the same for all clients all over the world.