Snap Pack. An innovation to reduce plastic

Snap Pack. An innovation to reduce plastic

Carlsberg is constantly trying to make everything about beers even better. Snap Pack is one of the results. A world first for the beer industry, this innovation took them three years to develop together with their partners.


Once fully rolled-out, it is estimated that Snap Pack will reduce total use of secondary plastic packaging by more than 1,200 tonnes annually. That’s the same amount of plastic used to produce 60 million plastic bags.

It reduces their use of fossil-fuel based packaging materials, thus lowering the CO2 of our products and cutting plastic waste.

To make their multipacks more sustainable, they have introduced new Snap Pack, which reduces plastic usage through innovative glue technology.

Snap pack has been three years underway and developed together with NMP Systems GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of KHS. Snap pack uses minimal plastic and therefore reduces the risk of waste. Using less material also reduces CO2 emissions and reliance on fossil fuel-based packaging materials such as plastic.

Cees"t Hart, CEO of Carlesberg Group says "We always strive to improve and today’s launch clearly shows our ambition to follow in our founder’s footsteps towards a better tomorrow. carlsberg's snap pack will significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste, and we look forward to giving our consumers better beer experiences with less environmental impact". 

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