Lundberg Tech introduces the PackTrimCutter

Lundberg Tech introduces the PackTrimCutter

The latest addition on the All-in-one product range is specifically designed for use in the food and pharmaceutical industry.


The All-in-one unit is called "PackTrimCutter" and is equipped with a closed sack system, which allows further shielding. It is a compact unit that occupies only a minimum of space and can easily be connected to the packing machine. The basic edition, available with two different granulator sizes, can be expanded with different equipment, including a filter to suit the particular process.

Food and pharmaceutical production are increasingly automated and the packing process are often integrated into the process line, and therefore it is also becoming increasingly important to eliminate the factors which may adversely affect productivity and profitability. With our system, you can typically increase machine speed, reduce down time, and reduce costly manpower. At the same time, there are a number of other benefits, such as a cleaner, simpler and less demanding process.

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