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The Jordre Well Unveils Packaging Designs for First CBD Coffee Products

The Jordre Well, LLC (“The Jordre Well”, the "Company"), a hemp and cannabidiol (“CBD”) beverage company that is 49% owned by Coffee Holding Co., Inc., a leading integrated wholesale coffee roaster and dealer in the United States, is pleased to unveil the packaging designs for the Company’s first CBD-infused coffee products.

"We wanted designs that clearly communicate what the products are the moment a consumer sees it on a shelf,” commented Andrew Gordon, Chief Executive Officer of Coffee Holding Co., Inc. “We also wanted them to be appealing to a broad audience, beyond those who currently drink Café Caribe and Harmony Bay’s non-CBD coffees."

The Jordre Well’s goal was to create two bold new designs that build product awareness, enable shopper visibility and clearly distinguish themselves from non-CBD products offered by Café Caribe, Coffee Holding Co., Inc.’s flagship dark roast Latin espresso brand, and Harmony Bay, its gourmet coffee brand. Furthermore, The Jordre Well is in the process of designing the packaging for the CBD-infused line extension for Joey Kramer of Aerosmith’s Rockin' and Roastin' coffee brand including Sumatra, Guatemala and Ethiopian flavors which will be made available for consumers as soon as possible online in single-serve cups and more.

“The CBD-infused line extensions for Café Caribe and Harmony Bay have been developing at a rapid pace since Coffee Holding Co., Inc. acquired 49% of The Jordre Well last October,” commented Ian James, Founder of The Jordre Well. “Under the terms of our agreement, once these products are launched, The Jordre Well is expected to begin launching its non-coffee brands as soon as possible.”