Invisible digital watermark for POS display

Invisible digital watermark for POS display

Thimm, the German-based packaging and POS specialist, has developed a display that uses an invisible code to open up new channels for communicating with customers for the launch of  a new mueslis brand


These digital watermarks in printed images are positioning Fresh Nuts with its Meray brand as one of Europe's leaders in ethnic market sales, says the company.

The campaign was supported by tastings at the point of sale as well as intelligent displays. The pallet displays feature a topper, base, cross bracing, divider bars and four trays. Each of the elements was produced using digital web press technology.

The intelligence portion of the display comes through the digital watermarks printed on the topper and base, which are invisible to the human eye. The codes can be read using the free LinkReader application for internet-connected iOS and Android smartphones. The first of the displays were installed at European retailers in October.

Potential customers who scan the topper or base are presented with information or advertising videos for the new muesli. This can have a decisive influence on purchasing decisions at the point of sale, it is claimed.

Daniel Kaufmann, Account Manager at Thimm, praises the intelligent display: “When combined with LinkReader, our digital printing represents an optimal symbiosis. The printing process can integrate app-based codes easily and without degrading the printed image.”

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