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hapa swiss printing solution at interpack


at interpack, hapa presents a range of top class technologies designed for inhouse packaging print applications. the variety of substrates used in the company&rsquos exhibit demonstrate the flexibility of uv flexo and uv dod systems, and introduce the sense, affordability and accessibility of justintime and on demand production processes. the hapa team is ready to share how inline or nearline print capabilities can be a part of a company&rsquos anticounterfeiting, track &amp trace and lean production strategies.universal label printer universal lpthe uv dod, wcmyk and precisioninset printer is designed for printing on a variety of blank or preprinted webfed substrates, opaque or transparent. it handles material widths up to 340 mm, and prints at speeds up to 54 meters per minute in single or multicolor cmyk or spot application. the tension on the integrated material rewinder is adjustable, so that printed labels leave the system productionready. the universal lp&rsquos module concept allows for the individual composition and docking of components and options. the system has a remarkably small footprint.applications cartons, bottles, pouches, syringesin action at interpack the hapa team demonstrates the system&rsquos precision printing and material handling on a variety of substrates to include aluminum foil, medical paper, tyvek, transparent foils and psa labels.&nbsphybridhapa&rsquos bestseller combines uv flexo and uv dod technologies into one system that prints jointly or separately. blank or preprinted web substrates &ndash foils, aluminum, plastic, medical paper and tyvek &ndash can be printed up to 370 mm at speeds up to 31.5 meters per minute. additionally, the hybrid can be used as a twocolor printer.applications blisters, deep draw blisters, trays, pouchesin action at interpack a hybrid is outfitted with hapa&rsquos multitouch panel prototype, and demonstrating twocolor printing on aluminum foil.&nbspredcubethe compact and multiskilled, uv dod print module is optimized for coding, marking and direct printing. it prints both horizontally and vertically. print results are more robust and resilient than traditional coders and markers, and all printed substrates or products are ready for immediate processing.three times in action at interpack the redcube is direct printing on bfs vials, on preglued flat cartons, and used in tandem with a laetus mv70 mark and verify solution. a second redcube is integrated into a coesia group demonstration, printing visitors&rsquo photos onto tins of mints. a third redcube can be found integrated on a qualivision track &amp trace solution in hall fgsouth, stand ipp28.applications &nbspblisters, components, folded &amp glued cartons, erected cartons, pouches, bottles, ampoules&nbspblisterjetthe blisterjet is designed for the printing of sealed, preprinted or blank blisters. it prints widths up to 102 mm, at speeds up to 160 blisters per minute in single or multicolor applications. it is an economical answer to the need for producing micro to small batches, or for the serialization, randomization and coding of products. configured inline or neartoline, it can enable the realization of late stage customization production.applications blisters, deepdraw blistersin action at interpack the blisterjet will demonstrate onecolor printing on aluminumbacked blister packs.&nbsplabeljetthe fully digital piezo inkjet system prints on blank or preprinted, psa labels. it can be integrated with a conventional labeling machine. in a rolltoroll configuration, it can supply several labeling lines. it prints widths up to 72 mm at speeds up to 27 meters per minute in single or multicolor spot or cmyk process color.applications cartons, bottles, pouches, syringesin action at interpack a labeljet is integrated into a cmyk application at bausch str&oumlbel, hall 16, stand d14.&nbspeasyflexhapa&rsquos offtheshelf, topmounted uv flexo printer, easyflex prints web widths up to 270 mm, at speeds up to 11.6 meters per minute in one color. designed for printing on aluminum, paper, and paperbacked foils, pvc, medical paper and tyvek. changeover is easy, requiring no tools or cleandown. the color cartridge makes color changes simple and efficient.applications blisters, deep draw blisters, trays, pouchesin action at interpack an integrated easyflex is printing one color on aluminum foil at famar, hall 16, stand b47.hapa inkunder the banner, &ldquoswiss ink performance,&rdquo hapa&rsquos newest core competence develops, produces and delivers individual inks designed to the exact specifications of a particular application &ndash all foil substrates, plastic, glass, aluminum or labeling material of any kind. hapa ink caters to orders of any volume of ink, no matter how small. customerspecific packaging of the inks round out the services action at interpack hapa ink products will be showcasing their top printing qualities, and unlimited applications on several hapa systems, including whiteprinting on the universal lp.visit