The future is wool

Rigorous testing

It’s obvious really, but wool makes better insulation than oil and independent tests consistently prove that Woolcool outperforms conventional insulated packaging on every level. Rigorous testing to industry standards in our own testing facilities supported by independent trials consistently proves that Woolcool insulated packaging maintains pharmaceuticals and food contents at their required temperature for longer than conventional material.

Temperature control

Maintain 2°C – 8°C > 72H

Woolcool insulated packaging has been independently proven to keep pharmaceuticals within the critical 2°c and 8°c from 24 hours to more than 72 hours. Woolcool has also been independently proven to keep food contents below the all important 5°c for at least 24 hours and longer.

Fewer ice packs

Superior insulation means fewer ice packs are necessary, helping to prevent pharmaceuticals falling below the critical 2°C and making smaller deliveries more feasible and cost effective.

Controlled room temperature (CRT)

Recent changes in EU GDP guidelines now require temperature monitoring of CRT products in distribution. Woolcool insulated packaging has been independently proven to keep ‘ambient’ pharmaceuticals within 15°C – 25°C for in excess of 120 hours without the need for any additional phase change material.

Comparitive performance:

Temperature after 24 hour testing. Data taken from actual trial using Gemini trackers which are tiny tag data loggers that accurately and reliably monitor temperature, humidity, power usage, CO2 and other environmental parameters.

Improve hygiene

Woolcool insulation is sealed in breathable film which allows the ‘smart’ wool fibres to absorb humidity and create a more hygienic environment. This film is made from low-density polyethylene and whilst it is made from fossil fuels, it is recyclable at soft-plastic drop off locations. 



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