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'Fresh Drip': KFC Savours Its Recycled Packaging Skirt Made by Fashion Designer

A young fashion designer from South Africa made a skirt from recycled KFC packaging and netizens are going gaga over it.

The internet is a gift that keeps on giving. Every day there are multiple bizarre occurrences around the world to keep us entertained. From the worst food combinations that test our patience to creative twists on just about anything under the sun, people are always on their toes to make something unique. Most always, it goes viral, too. Now, a fashion designer in South Africa has grabbed the attention of Twitterati for her creative take on sustainable clothing. A self-confessed fan of the popular fast food giant Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), the youngster who goes by the name NokuzothaNtuli on Twitter, came up with a dress made from recycled KFC packaging. “Decided to make this dress for KFC from recycled KFC packages to show how much of KFC super fans we are,” she wrote on the post. KFC is conducting a contest to celebrate 50 years of the brand with a reward of a year’s supply of KFC if you can prove to be a ‘Super Fan.’ It appears that the recycled skirt was the designer’s entry for the contest. 

The post has since gone viral garnering 12.5k likes and several thousand comments. The designer poses in the KFC skirt, which features the food chain founder Colonel Sanders logo, and holds the iconic bucket. Netizens were in awe of the creativity with even KFC South Africa left stumped. The official handle of KFC South Africa replied, “All this fresh drip, we were never ready." Drip refers to a chic, fashionable style in urban slang.

The rise of sustainability is leading people to more eco-conscious choices in a bid to do their bit in saving the planet. 

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