Breath Actuated Dry Powder Inhaler

Breath Actuated Dry Powder Inhaler

RPC Formatec, part of the RPC Bramlage Division, has launched a new inhaler that delivers enhanced levels of patient convenience, comfort and safety.



The Breath-Actuated DPI (Dry Powder Inhaler) has been designed so that the exact dose of medication reaches the patient’s lungs.  The powder is dispensed only when the patient inhales deeply enough.  This prevents some of the medication remaining in the chamber or only reaching the mouth instead of the lungs and ensures that patients get the targeted and correct dose each time.  In addition, the cap can be unscrewed and replaced without the dose being activated to avoid the danger of double-dosing.

The inhaler is calibrated to the specified dose of each powder and can therefore be adapted to the requirements of a wide range of different formulations.  The robust reservoir provides effective protection of the powders.  A comfortable mouthpiece aids ease of use for patients, while RPC Formatec’s dose indicator enables them to keep track of their medicine intake.

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