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Zippy Grip The Ultimate Bag Closer

The zippy grip, the ultimate bag closer is a one piece, high quality product with no springs to rust or clamps to open and close. It is precision molded from a nontoxic, carefully selected, polymer material. It is freezer and dishwasher safe and guaranteed for a lifetime of normal use. Zippy grips store compactly and conveniently in a desk or kitchen drawer and are less expensive than conventional bulky spring activated bag closers further increasing their value to the consumer.simply slide idcos zippy grip onto any paper or film package to seal it to maintain product freshness for months. Zippy grips can also be used to clip sheets of paper together, hang posters, pictures, and even reinforce the seal on a ziplock bag.zippy grips come in four sizes and in a variety of colors. The 3, 6, and 8inch lengths are 58 inch in diameter and designed for use with a wide variety of packaging from snacks & nuts to cracker & cereal bags. The 12 inch long by 1inch diameter zippy grip is great for sealing pet food, charcoal and other large sacks or bags.zippy grips are available in six retail skus and in bulk, for sale to wholesalers, distributors and to suppliers of premium and promotional items. Custom packaging and custom imprinting are available. Call idco for quotations.