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Yangi, the groundbreaking new technology for cellulose rigid packaging- Dry forming Technology

Yangi® was born from recognizing that dry processes can be used for 3D-forming of fibre based cellulose. Our story starts in 2013 when we heard about an old R&D project that had not been finalised. We were shown to a potato storage storing the project’s documentation and test equipment, and it was love at first sight.

The Loop Factory was established and the development of Yangi could start building on the acquired R&D project. Since then, Yangi has been transformed into an efficient manufacturing process and material solution and is now ready to meet the market.

Yangi is fully owned by The Loop Factory and has been funded by The Loop Factory, with contribution from public funding, such as Vinnova, Energimyndigheten and EIC Accelerator.

Consumer expectations, legislations and brand strategies tell us that the timing is right. With its unique setup, Yangi has a role in facilitating the transition from single use plastic packaging to cellulose-based 3D-packaging.

Yangi dry forming technology

Yangi® is a manufacturing technology for dry moulded cellulose based packaging. It is a result of more than 10 years of R&D work. By combining two technology platforms it is possible to go from paper pulp into ready made packaging, in one machine line, using minimal amounts of water.

  • Recyclable materials compatible with existing recycling systems

  • Renewable raw materials from sustainable forests

  • Low energy & water consumption

  • Lower investment & compact machine solution

  • Efficient production with low cycle times

The Yangi system and partnership ensure


Yangi®’s material solutions are based on certified responsible virgin fibres from Scandinavian forests combined with traditional paper-based additives. Depending on final application, barrier chemistry can be integrated in the materials or added as an additional layer in a separate sequence. 

Yangi is working in several collaboration and R&D projects to develop new barrier solutions and adapt the technology. 

both freedom to operate, as well as access to a world leading material & concept development lab and network of specialists. Yangi enables production that is close to 100% renewable & 75% more circular than existing solutions.


Yangi®’s innovative power comes from utilising cellulose fibres for 3D-formed packaging without dissolving the fibres in water. We combine two technology platforms, airlaid formation and fast pressing and spice it up with paper chemistry with our secret recipes and know-how in 3D shaping. 

The result is a clean process with minimal water and less energy use, resulting in minimized CO2 emissions. 

The disruptive technology, process and material know-how we have created are totally unique and futureproof.

Pioneering partners

Yangi® is currently working in joint development projects with pioneering partners throughout the packaging value chain. We concentrate on a limited number of segments to develop commercially viable system solutions to tailored specifications. 

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Project Manager Yangi
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