Thermochromic tabs make chilled cans colorful and easy to spot

Interactive packaging for beverage cans, Inks which will alarm you while drinking your soft drink can for chilled or not.

Company Name: 
Envases Univer Ltd.
Contact Person: 
Francisco Javier Pietrini Zapata
Aluminium Division Sub Director
•Thermochromic inks have found a range of applications in beverage packaging, but a new use on tab ends may be said to literally top them all.
•The temperature-sensitive, color-changing inks from Chromatic Technologies Inc. (CTI), available in red, green or blue colors, are the result of three years of R&D intended to make the inks and tabs:
•Qualified for use on crowns and closures, the patent-pending technology is available through Envases Universales in Mexico.
•The color-changing tabs are claimed to be is particularly useful for serving beverages in ice chests and crowded refrigerators and give brands an additional option for cold guarantee beyond the sidewall.


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