sustainable packaging solution

ecoglass & earthlabel solution are sustainable packaging solution for wine.

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smart planet technologies
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chris tilton,
chief technology officer of smart planet technologies.

washington&39s certified organic vineyard in the state, introduces new packaging for its entire line of wines . in addition to a contemporary new look, snoqualmie&39s redesigned packaging embodies the winery&39s commitment to fostering a sustainable environment.this includes investments in sustainable packaging materials such as lightweight eco glass bottles 397g, which result in a 13 percent reduction in carbon emissions.the bottles are made with 25 percent less glass than an average wine bottle and require much less fuel to transport. this results in less carbon emissions and a reduced environmental impact, which ultimately leads to a better, greener, more sustainable environment.the package use a label solution known as earthlabel which is an adhesive label utilizing a barrier coating between the paper and adhesive.earthcoating® between label and a superior barrier coating to 100 polyethylene, providing improved barrier performance while reducing plastic content. white wine bottles and beer bottles are optimal applications for earthlabel, as the barrier layer is needed to protect the underlying adhesive across the entire label in wet conditions.with this coating, the high performance labels contain less plastic and adhesive, while offering improved opacity, brightness and wetstrength when compared to traditional bopp film laminated labels. snoqualmie&39s new labels are designed to enhance shelf presence with a sleek and modern feel.the labels feature a visual of the mountain pass that serves as the gateway to washington wine country, and symbolize the winery&39s reliance on nature in craftingsnoqualmie&39s acclaimed wines.labels and other printed materials are on 100 postconsumer waste materials stock. this sustainable packaging materials such as lightweight eco glass bottles  & innovative labelling soultion are developed by in collaboration with the eco label provider smart planet technologies.for more innovations visit

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